is an online game featuring Minecraft graphics and various game modes. The game modes feature parkour, sandbox creativity, and combat, depending on which mode you choose to play.

Game Modes

In the BloxdHop game mode your mission is to reach the end of the map within the given timeframe. To reach the end, you must hop through the level parkour-style onto blocks of various sizes.


This game mode is similar to drawing games like Players create objects based on the theme presented, and other users vote on how representative they are of that object.


The mission is to reach the top of the Evil Tower! Similar to BloxdHop, you use your parkour skills to reach the end. EvilTower is inspired by Roblox’s Tower of Hell.


Peaceful mode is like creative mode in Minecraft. You can roam freely collecting resources and building here.


This game mode adds exciting battles. Compete against other players in a third-person shooter setting where you can also build blocks.


  • Explore fun, voxelated worlds for free in your web browser
  • Play various game modes with different objectives
  • Earn gold from your achievements and spend it in the store
  • Join your friends in multiplayer games


  • WASD to move
  • Shift or double-tap W to run
  • C, Z, \, or Caps Lock to crouch
  • T or Enter to chat
  • B to open shop
  • / to start command

DoodleCube Controls

  • Place blocks: right mouse button
  • Destroy placed blocks: left mouse button
  • Switch blocks: number keys or mouse middle button


  • /rtv – not a fan of this map? Vote to skip it!
  • /players – see the current players in your lobby
  • /xp – See your level and XP
  • /played – See how much time you’ve spent having tons of fun
  • /nobuffs – Play through the maps without any buffs to place on a separate leaderboard! Fast paced multiplayer puzzle game VORTEX 9 BAPBAP 3v3 multiplayer online battle royale game Hide and Seek 2 | Multiplayer online territorial war Multiplayer FPS Shooting gmae | Conquer the world | Fast-paced pixelated FPS game | multiplayer FPS game set in a futuristic arena | FPS Multiplayer game Free online web survival io games Shell Shockers World War Free Web FPS Game
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