Stuck in the middle of nowhere, can you escape the monster-filled mansion? Dead Estate is a game combining shooting and adventure in which you will have to climb the 4 floors of the mansion to try to flee alive and escape. On a rainy night, Jeff and Jules, the two playable character of the game, had to take refuge in a strange place because of terrifying monster attack! Choose your character, Jeff is tougher but a bit slower (he starts with a handgun) and Jules is quick but can take less hits (she starts with a shotgun) then begin exploring the mysterious mansion rooms. Dangers, traps and monsters will be everywhere and you will have to be quick and careful to stay alive. You can help yourself with many items but also 25 different weapons that you will need to find in the game.
Dead Estate is a challenging game where the death of your character will make you to start over from the beginning. Climbing the 4 floors of the mansion will be a real challenge!

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