Hunt Monsters online with other players in a race to see who is the mightiest Monster Hunter of all!

Simple controls with interesting tactics! Collect and upgrade a roster of Guardians and select the best equipment for the job. Matches are quick, less than 3 minutes. In the end, the last hunter standing with the most points wins the day!


💪 Play as one of a set of powerful Guardians. They each have unique elemental attacks and innate abilities and can be outfitted with awesome equipment that bring their own perks.


⚔ Choose dozens of different abilities to use in battle from creatures to magic spells to weapons and buildings. Choose your abilities wisely to match your Guardian, your play style, and your game mode.


🔥🍃❄ Hunt Monsters for points and retrieve their mana crystals. Spend them with ease upgrading your stats and abilities! Customize your equipment deck to have the best upgrades available in the fight!

User the ARROW KEYS or WASD to move and the number keys 1, 2, 3 to upgrade your abilities with crystals!

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