Yep, instead of shooting bullets at night, you are catching them. Even enemies too. Inspired by the movie Tenet (2020), bullets travel back into your gun at night, and your ammo count increases before you have to unload your gun and replace it with an empty magazine.Mind bending? Absolutely.Tactical chaos? Also yes.

Keyboard Controls:
  • Move: WSAD or Arrow Keys
  • Shoot: Left Click or J
  • Slide: Right Click or K or Shift
  • Pickup/Interact: F or E
Gamepad Controls (Xbox style):
  • Move: D-pad or Left stick
  • Shoot: Right Trigger or B
  • Slide: Left Trigger or A
  • Pickup/Interact: Y
  • Reload: X
  • Note: Other gamepads will probably work, but the button mappings might change
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