World War is a browser based, Play to Earn FPS game built on Polygon. The game is set during a World War 3 conflict between the Allies and Axis. Players choose which country to play as and battle it out on real city streets built with accurate-to-scale maps.

Playing World War 0x is completely free, no need to purchase any NFTs. Anyone can easily play World War 0x directly from their browser and start earning $WWAR tokens.

Earn our in game currency $WWAR to purchase customizable weapons, player skins and more while playing hyper-focused competitive matches or fun casual multiplayer game modes.

All your favorite game modes like Team Deathmatch, Free for all, Capture the Flag, Demolition, Conquest, Elimination and Cover Point. KOUR.IO Hide and Seek 2 | Multiplayer online territorial war Multiplayer FPS Shooting gmae | Conquer the world | Fast-paced pixelated FPS game | multiplayer FPS game set in a futuristic arena | FPS Multiplayer game Free online web survival io games Shell Shockers
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