You vs 100 Skibidi Toilets is an adrenaline-pumping shooting game that puts you in the shoes of a legendary Cameraman on an epic quest to annihilate a massive horde of 100 Skibidi Toilets! Prepare yourself for intense battles as you face relentless waves of these quirky foes.

Armed with a deadly arsenal, it’s your time to shine on the battlefield. Use your sharpshooting skills to take down the invading Skibidi Toilets, one by one. As you progress and vanquish your enemies, you’ll earn coins that allow you to unlock even more powerful weapons. Customize your appearance with style, making you stand out as the ultimate Cameraman on the battlefield.

Be vigilant and stay on your toes because the Skibidi Toilets won’t relent. They’ll come at you from all angles, testing your weapon skills and reaction speed. It’s a true test of your shooting prowess, and you’ll need to be quick and accurate to survive. Will you emerge victorious, having annihilated all 100 Skibidi Toilets, and earn the title of a true hero? The fate of the world lies in your hands, and it’s up to you to unleash the Cameraman within and take on the relentless horde.


You vs 100 Skibidi Toilets is developed by GoGoMan.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Space = roll / jump / climb
  • Left mouse button = shoot
  • Right mouse button (hold) = aim
  • R = reload
  • Mouse wheel = next/previous weapon
  • 1 – 6 = weapon hotkeys
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