Welcome to the lands of Thousand Kingdoms, world full of magic, adventures and legendary battles. Mighty kings of Human, Orcs, Elves and Undeads fights for calling this world their home. From now on you are the King and your story just begins. Start your conquest and win hundreds of victories, conquer the whole world and lead your kingdom to glory, so the bards will sing the ballads about your deeds!

Like A King – is a real-time strategy with unique gameplay, which harmoniously combines the features of Tower Defence, Online Arena Brawlers and Collectible Card Games. You will take part in fast-paced online fights against other players. You will fight on arena, by building towers, mines and barracks and commanding your troops to destroy enemys castle. In these battles you and your opponent fights online and each your desicion and move will affect who will win the fight. For the fight you assemble the Battle Deck with towers and units from your collection, which is constantly growing and growing. Like A King battle – is an exciting duel of two players, full of cunning, rage and desire to win.


  • Real-time battles agains live players – RTS
  • Fast and furious tactical battles
  • Arena-generating system – each fight on a new battleground
  • Weekly Tournaments with a special reward
  • Duel against most hated opponents
  • League Tournaments
  • Quests and world events
  • Polish your skills in Training Mode
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