Game introduction

Rollem is a realtime race game where you can play against other players! You will race to complete each course in less time than your adversaries.


Fully physics driven and 3D, you will need to some quick reflexes and skillful maneuvering to navigate the dangers of the more challenging levels the game has to offer. Use your skills to jump at the right time, speed up faster than the others, bounce around obstacles and traps, and reach the goal at time.


Register an account to earn experience, appears in the leaderboard and unlock rewards such as skins and particles. Once you’ve had enough playing the levels on offer, try out creating your own unique levels in the map editor!


Jumping on a slope will make you accelerate. Jumping on a slope will make you accelerate. Finish the map in the top 3 to win more points At the beginning of the race, pay attention to the countdown to start first and get a head start


  • Finish the race as quickly as possible to earn more points
  • Finish in the top 3 to earn bonus points.
  • Finish the race several times. Each time you reach the final goal, you earn an extra point.
  • Your run which has the least hits to sinking your golf ball will score you more points.


  • Move: WASD – Arrow keys
  • Jump: Click or Space
  • Camera Move : Move mouse
  • Restart: R
  • Use your mouse : Escape
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