BAPBAP is a fast-paced casual MOBA Battle Royale game where you can join forces with up to two friends and fight to become the last team standing. With intuitive controls and a variety of strategic options, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and work together to come out on top. Jump in now and experience the thrill of BAPBAP!


  • WASD = move
  • Left-click, Q, E, Space = use abilities
  • F = interact with objects
  • Right-click = ping
  • V = emote
  • Y = lock camera


Join the wildest Battle Royale game featuring a fresh line-up of characters packed with unique abilities. Round up your squad and fight your way to be the last team standing.

BAPBAP 3v3 multiplayer online battle royale game
Choose from a diverse cast of characters each equipped with unique abilities. You can be a ruthless huntress, an undead assassin and even a fishtank.

BAPBAP 3v3 multiplayer online battle royale game
Bring up to 2 friends and drop in as a Trio. Strategize, coordinate and craft new tactics to win.

BAPBAP 3v3 multiplayer online battle royale game
Show no chill and style on your enemies. Prove your worth by ranking up the leaderboards.

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  1. MasterbuildetG

    this game takes a long time to load.