Monsters have a dream to rule the world, where there are no annoying people, and people, in turn, avoided meeting with evil creatures. In this game, you no longer need to hide from terrifying monsters, now you
will control them by yourself and look for people to destroy. Having chosen the monster you like, first you will need to find traces where the person has been, and then become a real detective, follow him to find the person himself and tear him apart. Destroy as many people as possible and the world of monsters will become much freer!

Welcome to Playtime Horror Monster Ground! It’s hunting time! In this addicting game you don’t need to hide or run from monsters crying for your mommy anymore – this chapter is about you playing as a monster! This is your own playtime ground and your enemies are trying to hide from you! Merge your own unique animatronic monster from different parts and smash all your enemies! Find and kill all enemies on a level, but be aware of the alert – will your aminatronic monster be able to kill powerful bosses from police squad? These are your own playtime hunting grounds where you can smash anything on the level. Smash through walls, collect coins, buy new body parts, and merge them to create incredible animatronic monsters to slice your enemies! Create true horror monster and have fun in Playtime Horror Monster Ground!


Go in search of people who will hide from you under the tables, in the closet or even under the bathroom. You can destroy all the interior items and even destroy the walls and then people will start to get out. Carefully follow the traces left after them and follow them exactly, as the red arrows will point to you. It is the traces that will lead you to a person who is worth defeating and collecting everything that remains after him. Also look for coins and jewels that can be hidden even in the walls, and for which you can later purchase new parts of the monster and create another character for yourself. Beware of the cops and defeat them first as they are still capable to destroy you.

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