Hole.io is a multiplayer .io grow game where you absorb everything in your path. You start as a small black hole and expand by absorbing more objects. The bigger you get, the more objects you can swallow into the void. This continues until you’re consuming entire civilizations.

How to Play Hole.io

Typically, grow games are endless and focus more on eating other players for big rewards. Then, when you get eaten, you start all over again.

Hole.io is different. Although you can absorb other players, the main goal is eating up as many objects as you can. This allows you to grow rapidly within the two-minute time limit. If you are consumed, you only have to wait a few seconds before respawning.

Game Modes

The default game mode in Hole.io is timed. When the timer is up, the hole with the highest score wins. You can also choose to play battle royale, an endless game mode that finishes when you’re the last hole standing.


Hole.io has a great variety of maps to give you a well-cultured appetite for destruction. There are post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, Medieval themes and many more to choose. Just select any map you want from the menu to get started.

Hole.io Tips

As soon as the game starts, start consuming small objects like plants and people. This will make you grow quickly, enabling your hole to absorb things of a greater size.

As soon as you’re big enough to eat larger objects, focus on eating them. On maps with lots of buildings, just focus on eating those and you’ll rapidly grow bigger.

Don’t bother trying to eat other players unless there isn’t much else left to eat, or you have them trapped in a corner making for quick and easy absorption.

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