Game introduction is a unique multiplayer 3D third-person shooter web-based game. Included within the io games category, but vastly different compared to most of its competition, Krew boasts an overall pirate theme where players compete to sink each other, race for loot, and attempt to be a successful pirate.

The game is mostly competitive, as players battle each other for #1 on the in-game leaderboard, but is also somewhat cooperative, as players on the same ship will have to work together to sink enemies and pilot the craft.


  • Mouse Control the cannon. Press or hold the left mouse button, or LMB to fire.
  • ESC Show your mouse and use it in menus.
  • Shift View user leaderboard.
  • Enter Chat, press again to send a message.
  • WASD Move around and steer ship, if captain.
  • Tab Switch between Global, Local, and Clan Chat without pressing ESC to click between them.
  • 1 2 3 Switch between your cannon, fishing rod, and spyglass.
  • 5 6 7 Upgrade your fire rate, distance, or damage.


As with most games of this genre, the main objective is to become #1 on the in-game leaderboard. In order to that, one can either search for crabs and shells on the islands, or kill other ships, both of which allow you to earn money to buy better ships and upgrades.

Trading can be done using the Trader-class ships in order to quickly gain gold; however, they are much slower than the average ship and oftentimes will require a full krew or fleet of ships to protect.

But you cannot do it alone. You will need a krew to provide extra firepower.

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