– World Conquest is a strategy game that works a bit like the board game Risk. Send your troops across the map and occupy neutral and enemy countries. Each territory spawns new armies, but don’t spread your army too thin!

To take over other states, look at the numbers shown on each territory. These represent the number of soldiers needed to occupy the territory. Gray territories are neutral and will not send any troops of their own. Other colors are areas controlled by hostile forces.

Click on the area you control, then drag a line over the area you want to occupy. Your soldiers will march to that area. Only one force will remain. Once an area is under your control, it will spawn new soldiers. This will help you grow your army faster, but spreading your soldiers too widely across many states will weaken your defenses.

The trick is finding the right balance between acquiring new territories and armies while retaining enough soldiers to defend areas already under your control. The same goes for your opponents, so watch their moves carefully and pounce on their armies when they’re weak.

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