The best assassin is sent to the distant planet NV-2507, where a Stickmen rebellion has occurred and they have taken over an important strategic facility. The mercenary is not afraid of danger and easily accepts the task. Sneaking into the military base, the assassin will have to eliminate all the enemy rebels who are there, perform a number of necessary tasks and survive among all this horror.

You are waiting for 20 levels in the vast space, during which it is necessary to destroy enemies and fulfill important tasks, which you will see on the screen. Follow the green arrow – it will show you the right way. Try to shoot the enemies right in the head to destroy them with the least number of shots. You can also shoot at the red barrels and they will burst into flames, killing a large number of rebels nearby. But be careful not to hit the barrel when you are near it, because it will also kill your hero.

The title offers a wide variety of weapons. Pick them up after the battle. Initially, you have only two: a rifle and a gun. Note that the ammo is not limitless. Besides, you’ll have to reload from time to time. Switch guns with a mouse wheel. Using WASD, roam the locations and terminate hostiles. As well as interact with the surroundings. For instance, you’ll need to meddle with a control panel to activate a lift.
Here are some tips to follow:
Find cover when your opponents fire at you. You’re not immortal after all, and bullets take away your HP. But it is restored in a couple of seconds if no one attacks you.
Don’t stand near red gas cylinders. Several hits and they’ll explode, destroying anyone in the casualty radius. On the other hand, turn them to your advantage to terminate rebels.
Pay attention to the surroundings. There are some references to famous franchises. For example, turn around after you’ve started the first round. You’ll see an X-Wing starfighter from the Star Wars universe!

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