Try to stay alive as long as possible in Ultra Pixel Survive, a game that combines RPG and survival. In this strange world overflowing with as much wealth as monsters and where every night is more terrifying than the last, accompany your hero and his team to explore the dark meanders, hoping to make interesting discoveries. But you will first have to think about your survival, collect stone, wood, and food that you will have to cook on the fire and build the rudimentary structures that will help you through the first night. Then you can explore this strange mine and find more precious ores and resources. Forge ingots, improve your weapons, your tools and your character to survive ever longer, overcome the countless dangers that will threaten you. During your adventure you will earn gold and rubies, they will be used to unlock more powerful heroes with other abilities.

You can choose to play the normal version, Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming which is the winter edition of the game or Ultra Pixel Survive Western which will offer you an adventure in the Wild West..

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